Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Survey Says Parents Want To Tackle ‘Nipplegate’ On Their Own

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The world was shocked when Janet Jackson bared her breast on national TV, but a new survey indicates parents would rather have their children witness “Nipplegate” and deal with it afterwards than have the government control and censor TV.

According to a survey by Russell Research, 83 percent of parents say there have been times when their child has seen content on TV that they wish they hadn’t.

Meanwhile, 91 percent of parents say more parental involvement is the best way to keep kids from seeing what they shouldn’t on TV, while nine percent want the government to increase control of TV programming.

Strangely, 64 percent of parents allow their children to have a television in his or her bedroom.

A group called TV Watch – which opposes increased government regulation of TV – will discuss the survey’s findings today (Nov. 29) at the U.S. Senate Committee Open Forum on Decency in Washington D.C.

TV Watch executive director Jim Dyke says he wants to stop shows from getting huge FCC fines, adding that shows like CSI and The Simpsons are the ones getting complaints. He points out, “We’re not talking Debbie Does Dallas here.”

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