Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Life’s Little Annoyances Annoys People

WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Life’s little annoyances drive most people mad.

That’s what author Ian Urbina learned while putting together his new book, Life’s Little Annoyances (Times Books), a collection of real-life stories about the lengths to which some people go to deal with their biggest pet peeves.

Urbina says the biggest pet peeves people have usually involve telemarketers and junk mail – ground mail and e-mail – although some can’t stand something as small as those postcard-sized subscription notices that always fall out of magazines.

One person goes as far as to mail them back without filling out any information just so the magazines get hit with the postage fee.

Meanwhile, another P.O.ed person is so fed up with over- bearing commission-based retail salespersons, that he wastes their time picking out a ton of things before “accidently” finding out he only has an expired credit card when he goes to purchase the items.

Life’s Little Annoyances is in bookstores now.

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