Thursday, September 15, 2005

San Francisco Love Parade Not A Sex Parade

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – At this year’s San Francisco Love Parade – an all-day celebration of electronic music – revelers are invited to dance in the streets to the thumping beats, but save the bumping and grinding for home.

The annual event takes place Sept. 24 and parade organizer Jen Manger understands that people can get carried away with the music, but she says it’s important to remember, “It’s a Love Parade, not a sex parade.”

At last year’s parade, the closest thing she saw to “the nasty” was a few people dancing naked, but it wasn’t really a shock. In her words, “You have to understand, nakedness in San Francisco is much more of a common occurrence.”

Clothed or not, Manger says, “We welcome everybody. What’s unacceptable is anyone coming with non-love feelings. This is a day of respect.”

Manger says last year’s Love Parade – the first for the city – was such a success, “It really blew the pants off of us.” As a sign of the parade’s growing popularity, she says she’s gone ahead and ordered “way more port-a-potties” this year.

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