Tuesday, September 6, 2005

‘The War At Home’ Cast Member More Interested In The Sex

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Michael Rappaport’s new sitcom is called The War At Home, but his costar, Anita Barone, is more interested in the sex.

Barone plays Rappaport’s wife, Vicki, and says she was attracted to the role because she feels her character is the first sitcom mom who is allowed to be truly sexual.

As Barone puts it, “I want her to be a poster mom for women who are in the workplace, raising kids, yet are still interested in having sex. After all, they had to make the babies somehow.”

But there’s more to Barone’s character than just being a hot mama. She is basing Vicki on her own mom, who had seven kids in 11 years and was loving but firm.

As a result, her motherly relationship with the teenage actors on the show is expressing itself in real life. For instance, an upcoming episode deals with marijuana use and Barone spent a few hours with the kids off-air discussing the effects of the drugs.

In her words, “It was probably more of a real discussion than most parents have with their kids.”

The War At Home debuts Sunday (Sep. 11) on Fox.

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