Thursday, August 4, 2005

Beans That Sprout Messages Of Love May Take On Harsher Tone

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Nothing quite says “I don’t like you” like a bean sprout message, and that message could become a reality soon thanks to one Japanese company.

Takara has introduced the Can of Words, a container of soil sown with bean seeds that have had a short, sweet sentiment lasered onto them so when the seeds grow into plants after five days of watering, the goody-two-shoes message is emblazoned on all the leaves.

Although the current messages offered are lovey-dovey sayings such as I Love You, and Thank You, the product’s spokesman, Ichiro Sasaki, says there’s “definitely a possibility” that messages with a more negative tone like I Hate You, Why Did You Cheat On Me You SOB? and I Hope You Die will become available in the future.

But first, Sasaki says they need to do a little market research and “determine if there’s a demand.”

The nice, soon-to-be bad $6.99 bean plant messages are only in “mom and pop” stores right now, but Sasaki is hoping they will sprout into big retail outlets soon.

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