Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Baldness Cured By Vitamins?

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – First, Tom Cruise announced that vitamins can cure depression. Now comes word they can also get rid of baldness.

That’s according to Ken Belanger, a formerly bald-headed computer scientist in San Francisco, who claims a combination of vitamins and an anti-inflammatory product called “diphenhydramine-HCI” used for allergies can restore hair growth.

Belanger – who had been bald for 25 years – discovered the cueball cure by accident when he was trying to lose weight and was using vitamins to make up for the missing nutrients and took the diphenhydramine for his allergies.

To his surprise, Belanger’s hair started growing back and hasn’t stopped in 18 months.

Now, Belanger is trying to spread the word – and new hair – by marketing his formula under the name “RK19.”

However, Belanger says his vitamins are more likely to work on someone who is in the process of going bald like Matt Lauer as opposed to someone who has had a chrome dome for years like Patrick Stewart.

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