Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Public Speaking, Not Death Defying Stunts, Puts ‘Fear Factor’ Producer In A Panic

ORLANDO, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Death and disfigurement doesn’t put fear aficionado Matt Kunitz on edge – but public speaking does.

That’s what Kunitz, the executive producer of Fear Factor confessed to a live audience at the June 2 launch of the new Fear Factor Live exhibit at Universal Orlando.

The theme park’s newest addition lets guests put their stomach and their nerves to the test in a live version of the TV show.

Kunitz told reporters that a team at Universal watched every episode of Fear Factor to create the stunts for the live audience format – like tossing dead squid and hanging on for dear life from a three-story drop – but he did not participate himself.

Kunitz says he doesn’t test stunts for the TV show – anymore.

He says he used to test some stunts until the show’s insurance company said “no more” to him and host Joe Rogan participating.

These days, Kunitz says the TV show uses a stunt man and when they need someone to eat one of their nasty concoctions, they pay someone in their office $100 to do it.

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