Friday, March 18, 2005

How To Tell If He Loves You: Look At The Waitress

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ladies, if you’re trying to figure if your new guy is marriage material, don’t take him to counseling, take him to a restaurant.

That’s the advice of a Toronto man who says how a man treats his waitress is a good indicator of how he treats his girlfriends after the initial excitement wears off.

Charles Harry figures that a guy who barks the server around or makes excessive demands will probably insist on a master/ slave relationship in his love life.

And a man who stares at the waitress’ boobs or butt is bound to have a roving eye even when he settles down.

Another tip: Harry suggests women date guys who are nervous and twitchy around them, instead of confident, witty and charming. It sounds strange but he says true love makes men nervous so if a guy is relaxed in your presence, it’s a sure sign that he either thinks of you only as a friend or has the potential to be unfaithful or abusive.

Harry discusses other secrets about the male brain in an upcoming book, Confessing With Girls: Money, Lies, Sex And Insensitive Men (Bertram And Knott), which hits stores on May 16.

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