Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Heart Lites: Valentine’s Day Briefs

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Valentine’s Day is a “special” day for many but greeting card writers employed by Hallmark are forbidden to use the word, “special.” According to Life magazine, Hallmark doesn’t allow the word because the company wants to avoid cards “that compliment in a vague and unsatisfying way.” Well, isn’t that special.

LONDON – The color of a rose that a man chooses to give his date on Valentine’s Day isn’t a black and white decision anymore. According to a survey by Sellotape, women prefer pink roses to the traditional red as the most romantic color. They think white and green are the least romantic colors for roses, but purple is the “most original.”

NEW YORK – Watching X-rated videos may be a good way to spice up your love life, but men shouldn’t dare give one to their gal as a Valentine’s Day present. According to a survey by the dating website,, 54 percent of women say they’d dump their dude if he gave them the Debbie Does Dallas DVD on V-Day. By contrast, 49 percent of guys say they’d head for the door if their gal gave them a baby bassinet as a Valentine’s Day gift.

NEW YORK – A lot of women are willing to go to extremes for the chance to spend Valentine’s Day with Brad Pitt. According to a survey by the dating website, 58 percent of ladies would give up sex for a year if they could spend Monday (Feb. 14) with Pitt. In addition, 53 percent of men would shave their head bald if it guaranteed them a date with Jennifer Aniston.

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