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Women Make `Revolutionary' Crafts

These cutesy handmade crafts could spark a full-on revolution.

These cutesy handmade crafts could spark a full-on revolution.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 16:37 GMT

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s a revolution underway at the hands of crafters armed with needles, thread, and exacto knives.

The Handmade Revolution is a group of women based in San Diego who handmake everything from jewelry to hair accessories in the name of anti-consumerism.

The crafty ladies host events at team member Sophia Hall’s house, where the general public is invited to hang out, drink, mingle, and buy goodies made mostly from recycled materials.

Hall says this style of shopping, as opposed to going to the mall and purchasing factory-made things, is what makes them revolutionary.

She believes people love handmade goods because they’re one-of-a-kind, charming in their imperfections, and promote environmental consciousness.

Hall adds, “Instead of going to the store they actually hang out while shopping and make friends with the people who make their stuff.”

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