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Wagging Speaks Louder Than Words

Sitting pretty: This cocker's face says a lot to its master

Sitting pretty: This cocker's face says a lot to its master

Thursday, March 18, 2010 17:16 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Despite the obvious language barrier, people and pups totally get each other.

According to the “Wags, Not Words” survey by Pup- Peroni dog snacks, 74 percent of pet parents say their dog’s body language or facial expressions let them know exactly how their pooch is feeling.

An overwhelming 70 percent believe they’ve “shared a look” with their dog at least once, and 34 percent have had an entire conversation with their pups without saying a word.

Canines may understand humans best, as 41 percent of pet parents say their four-legged friend is more likely to notice they’ve had a bad day than their best human friend.

Moreover, 69 percent believe their pooch knows when they’re happy, and 58 percent think Fido can tell when they’re sad.

Case-in-point: 89 percent of masters believe there have been moments when their pooches tried to comfort them in times of need.