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Puppies Can Be Hipsters Too

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 17:31 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – This puppy heard about that band way before you did.

After seeing a major backlash against skinny jean-wearing, obscure indie band name dropping hipsters on the Internet with various anti-hipster blogs, self-admitted hipster Christopher R. Weingarten thought he’d poke fun of the whole crusade armed with adorable weapons.

On, Weingarten posts pictures of cute, cuddle puppies dressed up like uber cool hipsters with captions making a hipster-like statement, like one doggy in a hooded sweatshirt lamenting the use of his favorite LCD Soundsystem song being used in a movie because then it’d be “ruined.”

Weingarten says a person can tell if their furry friend is a true blue hipster puppy by their apathy.

He explains, “A dog in sunglasses is funny. But a hipster dog wears sunglasses and looks at you like you’re a f■cking piece of sh■t dork. It’s all in the condescending attitude.”