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Obama Speaks At 8th Grade Level

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 17:31 GMT

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – President Barack Obama may be a highly-educated man, but he speaks at an 8th grade level.

According to the Global Language Monitor – a company that analyzes word trends around the world – Obama’s State Of The Union Address last week came in at an 8.6 grade level.

On a scale of 100, the reading ease was a 62.

The prez used a “passive voice to deflect responsibility” during his speech, a time-honored State Of The Union tradition.

As for grammar, there was an overabundance of semicolons, some used correctly while others used in a “baffling manner.”

GLM has also found that the “disillusionment, anger, and outrage” acknowledged by Obama in his speech has been on the rise since the president’s election in November 2008.

In the 90 days following Obama’s election, words like “fear,” “outrage,” and “desperation” were used with 18-23 percent more frequency in the media compared to in the days following 9/11.