Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gifts Get Supersized

MIDDLETOWN, Del. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Great things come in big packages. sells just that – great big stuff – replicas of everyday, mundane objects like crayons, ketchup bottles, watches, and remote controls, all supersized to epically huge proportions.

Company president Brian Kuehn says taking the “most common things and making them uncommon” brings happiness into a person’s life.

Often times, their huge gifts are a hit on Christmas morning.

He adds, “People see something oversized and they can’t help but laugh at it. They’re not given an item, they’re given an experience.”

Even though a four-foot-tall pencil or seven-inch-long push pin would only really be useful to a giant working in a office, Kuehn assures people of all sizes can enjoy the giant items.

In fact, taller friends might get a kick at the crack the gift makes about their height.

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