Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Come Normal, Leave A ‘Beardo’

MORNING VIEW, Ky. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A hippie music fest in Mountain View, Kentucky, is full of “beardos.”

The Whispering Beard Folk Fest strums in this weekend (Aug. 28-30) with a 34-band lineup guaranteed to make anyone a “beardo” – or lifetime follower of the fest.

According to festival co-producer Joe Carr, a beard isn’t required to be a “beardo” – though it helps – since impromptu beard contests are held.

They throw people on stage and put their face fuzz to a “toothpick test” to see how many toothpicks will actually stick in there.

Carr says Kentucky folk are known for their thick, broad scruff, biker beards, and handlebar mustaches.

He believes the “combo of mountain air and moonshine dripping on the follicles” makes their hair grow faster.

He says the relaxed, friendly vibe of the festival makes 80 percent of attendees go home as “beardos,” which could be anyone from a guy in a suit to a tie-dye-wearing treehugger.

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