Friday, July 17, 2009

Laying Down Gets Laughs

SOMERSET, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Who would’ve known that laying down could be so funny?

Back when he was a teenager, Gary Clarkson and his friends created a game that has now become a worldwide phenomenon known as “The Laying Down Game.”

To play, Clarkson and his band of mischief makers find random places or things to lay down on face first with arms straight at the sides, and take pictures of their exploits.

Since sharing their pictures on Facebook, thousands of pranksters have gotten in on the game, laying down in an airplane engine, atop a basketball hoop, and on a construction crane in mid-air.

Clarkson is amazed at how many “random, crazy people” have joined in on the fun and assures the game is all “for a laugh” – even if some people don’t get it.

Though a player doesn’t have to be in top physical shape, Clarkson says it takes “incredible dexterity” to lay down in certain positions.

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