Thursday, January 8, 2009

Former NFL Quarterback Keeps Superstitions At Bay

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ex NFL quarterback Phil Simms never let sports superstitions get in the way of his football career.

The former New York Giants player, who’s now a lead analyst for NFL on CBS, was never much of a superstitious football dude back in his heyday.

He’s heard of pigskin pros doing everything from growing out their facial hair during playoffs to wearing lucky socks or dirty shirts during a winning streak, but has never partaken in the rituals himself.

Says Simms: “I was never a superstitious guy. I had enough problems and enough pressure on the field as it was, so I couldn’t get into that stuff.”

Simms is calling the San Diego Chargers-Pittsburgh Steelers game this Sunday (Jan. 11) on CBS, and says the Chargers shouldn’t fear one football myth as they head to the chilly East Coast.

He explains, “Having home-field advantage isn’t as big as everybody thinks it is. As long as you’re physical, tough, and organized, you’re a winning team.”

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