Monday, June 16, 2008

Stomp Out Stinky Feet

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Stinky feet are easy to stomp out.

New York-based podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong has seen – and smelled – some awful feet, and he’s helping those with foot odor issues kick the stink.

Dr. Zong says foot odor is a common problem that arises from plantar hyperhidrosis, or excessive foot sweat, which causes bad- smelling bacteria to grow on the tootsies.

Though he’s seen people try odd remedies like soaking their feet in tea or even getting botox injections in their feet, Dr. Zong says the easiest solutions are to change your socks and shoes daily, or to use foot deodorants like Certain Dri FEET, which contains the odor-killing compound aluminum chloride.

Despite all his years combating foot fungus, Dr. Zong still has a hard time treating stinky stompers.

He says, “It’s not tough looking at them, but you never grow accustomed to someone who has really smelly feet. I make them soak their feet in a whirlpool before I get near them.”

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