Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quiz Reveals Bedroom Prowess, Global Issues

SYDNEY (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Losing your keys can reveal if you’re a good lover.

Sounds strange, but your reaction to trivial issues can reveal your character and awareness of the world, according to Paul Bailey, who’s created the Global Awareness Quiz.

Bailey says that people’s reactions to something like losing their keys shows how they deal with missing something in the bedroom.

He explains, “If you react in an angry way to losing keys, it shows that you react in an angry way to a mediocre lover, because in both instances you’re missing something you want and don’t have.”

The quiz also reveals how people deal with world issues, like the war in Iraq and global warming.

Bailey explains, “People either stay self-absorbed in their trivial problems, or are so overwhelmed by the big issues that they don’t do anything.”

To rate your global awareness, go to thinkofanelephant.com/quiz.

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