Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You Can’t Wrestle A Jackalope

DOUGLAS, Wyo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – People should keep their paws off feisty jackalopes.

This weekend (Jun. 6-8), folks in Douglas, Wyoming, are celebrating Jackalope Days and honoring their local legend, the jackalope, an elusive, furry creature that’s half jackrabbit, half antelope and originates from the area.

Many wild events will take place at the festival, including a demolition derby and pig mud wrestling, but spokesperson Helga Bull says one event is a no-go.

She explains, “We won’t do jackalope wrestling. The only problem is that they have antlers, which can be hazardous. It’s also a feisty, fairly vicious animal. I wouldn’t fancy anyone’s chances against one.”

Bull is proud that the ornery animal is a big part of the town’s identity, and says residents still get excited when they spot one hopping around.

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