Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gopher Feet Are A Cash Cow

VIOLA, Minn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Chopping off gophers’ feet can earn you some serious cash.

Folks in Viola, Minnesota, are going gopher huntin’ for the 134th Annual Gopher Count on June 18-19, in which participants cut off gopher’s feet for cold, hard cash.

The event – which is the second oldest event in the U.S. – allows the 50 residents of the town to take revenge on the annoying animals.

Event spokesperson Dale Bierbaum says, “Gophers are a pest. They do damage to cropland, digging holes, making mounds, and eating the crops. Farmers want to get rid of them.”

Throughout the year, and during the festival, people round up all the gophers’ feet they can and store them in jars, then collect a bounty of $1.50 for each pair at the event.

Bierbaum says there’s “nothing magical” about trapping gophers, and that many make a sweet living from the furry feet.

He explains, “Old, retired guys hunt for them and collect the bounty and live off the money. It’s what they do.”

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