Friday, May 30, 2008

Massachusetts Man On A Hairy Mission

HULL, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A bearded blogger in Hull, Massachusetts, is on a hairy mission.

Since 2003, on his blog,, Jon Dyer has been coiffing his facial hair in different styles for what he calls “The Quest For Every Beard Type.”

Dyer has a chart of 34 types of face fur he’s working on, including mutton chops, the Dali – a curled mustache popularized by painter Salvador Dali – and a Fu Manchu, and he’s completed 24 of the styles so far.

Dyer says, “There’s no real effort to it. It’s the least strenuous male activity, though you have to condition the hair because it gets brittle.”

According to Dyer, some facial creations are harder to achieve than others, and some will never make the coolness cut ever again.

He explains, “The Napoleon III Imperial [a handlebar mustache with a long strip of hair on the chin] has been the toughest, and the Toothbrush, which is a Hitler mustache, you just can’t do anymore.”

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