Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trophy Wives Make The Wealthy World Go ’Round

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Trophy wives aren’t as bad as you think.

In her novel Trophies (William Morrow), Heather Thomas spins a story that debunks the stereotype that trophy wives – or “Second Wives” – are gold-digging bimbos.

Thomas, who starred in the popular 80s TV show The Fall Guy in the 80s, and is a second wife herself – has used her wealthy wife status to fight for several social causes, and says that second wives are the ones wielding the real pocket book power.

She says, “Second wives are vilified, but there isn’t a charity that got off the ground without one. Billionaire’s wives are changing the world.”

While most wealthy wives put their money where their mouths are, some use their power for weirder causes.

Thomas says she once saw a group of Senators’ wives remove the butthole from an elephant statue at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington because they didn’t like the way it made the statue look.

She says, “If they can remove an elephant’s bunghole, they can do anything!”

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