Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fruity Fest Great For ‘Dates’

INDIO, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The residents of Indio, California, are urging folks to bring a “date” to their funky fruit festival.

The National Date Festival is coming to the small town in Riverside County starting this Friday (Feb. 15) through February 24, and attendees will be chowing on different types of dates, and even gulping down milkshakes made out of the dark, wrinkled fruit.

Festival spokesperson Tom Freeman says, “Riverside is the producer of the finest dates in the world, so the date milkshake tastes great. We haven’t had a single person say they didn’t like it.”

And according to Freeman, the fruity festival is a great place to bring an actual date.

He says, “You can bring a significant other and have a lot of fun. It’s pretty impressive to see a date have a date milkshake and eat a bunch of dates.”

But if watching you gulp down a date drink doesn’t impress your lover, there’s always the camel and ostrich races.

Freeman assures, “You’re not going to find many fairs that offer camel and ostrich races, but be careful how close you get to the camels. They’re known to shoot spit at you.”

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