Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zombies, Volcanoes, And Doomsday, Oh My!

LEIDEN, Netherlands (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ancient zombies and volcanoes are just a couple ways the world might end. is a website dedicated to all things doomsday, and lists all of the possible and logical ways the world could be destroyed.

According to creator Maarten Keulemans, all Armageddon options are plausible, but the scenarios that include zombies or ancient monsters taking over the world aren’t worth worrying too much about.

Keulemans says, “Humans are easily worried. But zombies are slow, they won’t catch you.”

But there is one smoky scenario that has Keulemans all hot and bothered.

He says, “Look at the volcano in Yellowstone! It’s rising, and who knows when it’ll explode? But at least we know nothing will happen tomorrow – or do we?”

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