Monday, December 10, 2007

Clip Away Your Marriage Troubles

WILTON, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new beauty product is hoping to solve some nail clipping nightmares and clip relationship problems in the process.

Artemis Woman, a Connecticut-based beauty product company, has just come out with their Nail Catcher, a clipper with an attachment that catches your toe nail clippings.

According to company co-founder Lisa Kable, the simple $5.99 stocking stuffer is the solution to guys’ horrible habits.

Kable says, “We’ve seen people clip their toenails on the train. Guys clip their nails in the sheets, on the floor, toss them under the bed – they even eat them! It’s beyond gross. Women will go crazy when they get this product! We’ve had people says, ‘This will save my marriage!’”

And while the Nail Catcher makes a great gift for gross guys, Kable says it’s the women who win in the end.

She says, “You talk to any woman about this, they’ve got stories. Putting a vacuum under the bed and hearing what gets sucked up is disgusting. It’s a simple solution to a huge problem. Everyone has someone they could give this to.”

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