Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Being A Bad Artist Takes Talent

NEEDHAM, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Being a bad artist takes some serious skills, and one weird museum knows bad talent when they see it.

The Museum of Bad Art in Needham, Massachusetts, owns 400 of the strangest, most uninspiring art that executive director Louise Sacco says takes real talent to make.

She says, “For some people, making bad art is a gift. For others, it just happens. But people who really want to get in the museum are probably not going to. We’re looking for unintentionally bad art.”

And the museum has high standards when it comes to crappy art – they’re looking for originality, sincerity, and an ability to turn heads in the weird work and poor paintings they exhibit.

This includes pieces featuring sinister clowns, an old woman in a field of daisies, and a man sitting on a toilet in his underwear, of which Sacco wonders, “Why would anyone want to paint that?”

She adds, “It has to be bad in a spectacular way. The things we don’t want are usually too good or too boring.”

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