Thursday, November 22, 2007

Folks Pig Out At Chitlin Fest

SALLEY, S.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Folks in Salley, South Carolina, will be pigging out this Saturday (Nov. 24).

The 42nd Annual Chitlin Strut is hogging the spotlight in the tiny town, where people will be gorging themselves on chitlins, which are fried or boiled pig intestines.

Around 30,000 attendees will pig out on 3,300-pounds of chitlins, but if you’re worried about your fit figure, just dance off the swine after you dine.

At the event, festival-goers will be dancing something called the chitlin strut, a dance that consists of moves which mimic the way fried chitlins hop around in a frying pan.

And according to event spokesman Bob Salley, being a pro pork dancer takes getting your body to gyrate any way it can.

Still, if dancing isn’t your calling, the pig party also features a hog calling contest where folks holler for their little piggies to come home as loud as they can.

Says Salley: “You need a good set of lungs to win. We used to let folks use a microphone, but they blew out too many speakers.”

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