Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Miracle On Mexican Movie Set Creeps Crew Out

Santa Monica, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Spooky weather occurrences on a Mexican movie set had one film crew experiencing a “reign” of terror.

Salvador Carrasco says things got a bit eerie during the filming of his Spanish Conquest flick, The Other Conquest, where an impending downpour was no match for the Aztec Gods of Rain.

Says Carrasco: “We were filming up on a mountain, even though the forecast had said it would rain. But our line producer had said ‘You have to have faith,’ and luckily, it didn’t rain. When we came back down, though, the whole film crew looked pale. Apparently it had been raining very hard on both sides of where we were shooting. The sky sort of parted for us. It was very strange.”

And Carrasco thinks the weird weather wonder of the Mexican movie may be more than a creepy coincidence.

He says, “We shot in locations where the events of the film actually took place. You could feel the vibes.”

The Last Conquest comes out on DVD October 16.

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