Monday, July 23, 2007

Rising Starlet Gets Her Geek On

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) -- When you have to act with your mom on a school film set, things can get dorky.

Just ask actress Lauren Karl about her dweeb days in the upcoming flick Our Lady of Victory, a true story about a young women’s basketball team who takes it above the rim.

Karl says, “My character was like a Molly Shannon Catholic school girl. I had to wear these super nerdy glasses.”

And her geek goggles seemed to make the crew and cast – which included Ellen Burstyn and David Boreanaz – turn their heads.

As Karl puts it, “Anytime those glasses were on, I was the biggest laugh. I couldn’t believe I had to wear those nerdy 70’s glasses.”

But what true dorkette could go a day without a visit from Mom on campus?

Turns out, Karl’s mom had a small part as a coach in the movie, which added to Karl’s nerd status.

She says, “My mom was super enthusiastic. But it’s nice to have family on the set, because they can really see what you do.”

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