Thursday, July 5, 2007

President Bush Is No Gentleman

NANTUCKET, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The President of the United States should have some class, but one author claims our prez is no gentleman.

Kristin Alexandre penned the book The Perfect Gentleman: The Secrets Rich Girls Use to Choose the Classiest Guys (Runnymede Press) which slaps President George W. Bush with a globally-warmed glove.

Alexandre calls Bush an oil man with no concern for the environment, an issue that should be big on a gentlemen’s agenda.

As she says, “We all know he came from money, but love and respect for our earth did not get handed down. Every species has to pass down the message of survival.”

Although Dubya has the money and power, Alexandre believes he doesn’t fare well with classy women because what ladies really want in a gentleman, is a leader who can help free their world with heart instead of cash.

Says Alexandre: “A man who is humbled by his place in the universe is usually the first person to take an active role in our earth’s survival.”

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