Friday, June 8, 2007

White Lie Fuels Book On Gas Crisis

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Prices at the pump are bad as it is, but by 2024 you’ll need a gas card to buy fuel.

That’s author Roxanne Fredd’s unleaded story in her book Gas Card (AuthorHouse), where the future’s fictional guzzling government rations out 50 gallons a week of gas only to motorists with I.D.s.

Fredd got the green light her story after she told a little white lie to an unlicensed driver at a gas station.

As she puts it, “I told him, ‘You ain’t going to believe this but you need a gas card to get gas!’ As I spun the lie it started to make sense.”

But the gas card program in her book has its downside, as some characters are even willing to steal from little old ladies to get some free fuel.

Fredd says, “Grandma’s 68, but they don’t care. Thieves drive off with her car, just because they want her gas.”

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