Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sweet Jesus! Easter Candy And Church Don’t Mix

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Unless you want to see your kids crack up on Easter Sunday (Apr. 8), don’t let them eat any chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits from their Easter baskets before church.

Naturopathic doctor Eileen Silva says sugary, dyed Easter treats and the long, solemn church services of Easter Sunday can be a dangerous mix.

She says sugar feeds the growth of a yeast known as “candida,” which can trigger Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like mood swings when it overruns the body.

To prevent church catastrophes, she suggests parents avoid giving kids candy with excess dyes, nuts, and chocolate and give treats like rice krispies, sandwiches cut into bunny shapes, or hard-boiled eggs instead.

Silva also says parents should whip up healthy omelettes or scrambled eggs before church because the protein from eggs will cause kids to be calm and behave well during mass.

After church, she suggests egg-painting or filling plastic eggs with small, safe toys or even clues and having a treasure hunt with the kiddies.

Says Silva: “You should eat eggs normally on Easter, but also figure out a way to play with them that doesn’t necessarily involve candy.”

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