Thursday, March 29, 2007

‘Fish Heads’ Composer Eats Them Up Yum

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bill Mumy not only helped write the immortal novelty song, “Fish Heads,” but he has also eaten them many times himself.

Mumy is best known as Will Robinson from the 1960s Sci-Fi series, Lost In Space, but he’s also a member of Barnes & Barnes, which wrote and performed “Fish Heads,” a 1978 novelty hit best known for its chorus: Fish heads, fish heads/ Roly poly fish heads/ Fish heads, fish heads/ Eat them up, yum.

He says the song was created as a weird novelty, Mumy says the song is based on his own enjoyment of fish heads, which are a delicacy at many Asian restaurants.

Although the tune has appeared on everything from The Simpsons to a Quiznos commercial, Mumy admits that fish heads are still an acquired taste.

So is the song, which Mumy says has managed to hook fans nearly 30 years later.

As he puts it, “You never know when something you thought was long buried will reappear.”

Mumy hopes a whole new generation will discover “Fish Heads” come Tuesday (Apr. 3), when the Barnes & Barnes album featuring the song, Voobaha, is reissued on CD.

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