Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sunny Light Makes Kids Act Right

LYONS, Colo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re having trouble getting your child to pay attention in school, then one woman in Lyons, Colorado, has a bright idea – literally.

Health professional and light expert Linaya Hahn says putting “indoor sunshine” in classrooms may be the key to calming unruly students.

She suggests teachers install “sunshine fluorescent light bulbs” in their classrooms, sold by her company, Light For Health.

Says Hahn: “Full-spectrum lighting through these sunshine bulbs gives kids higher levels of serotonin, which keeps them from getting cranky and agitated.” She says, “The indoor sunshine will make kids calmer, more task oriented and able to concentrate longer. Kids have also tested higher under this lighting and there are one-third fewer absences in classrooms with these types of bulbs.”

Hahn adds that the lighting may even benefit the bullies in school.

She says, “Bullies will be happier and much more cooperative and there won’t be so much trouble in the schoolyard.”

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