Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Woman Who Inspired ‘Beth’ Kisses And Tells

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – How would you like to inspire a hit love song, only to have it named after someone else?

That’s the dilemma that Lydia Criss has faced for 30 years. Back in 1976, she inspired the KISS song, “Beth,” which was written by her then-husband, drummer Peter Criss.

Criss – who is the author of a new book, Sealed With A Kiss (Lydia Criss Publishing) – says her husband originally wrote the song before he was in Kiss as a way to gripe against “Becky,” a woman married to a guitarist in his other band.

Criss hated how “Beck” used to call her hubby constantly during rehearsals.

Years later, he rewrote the song with more sensitive lyrics to thank his wife for working so hard before he made it big in showbiz.

Although the other KISS band members loved the song, they decided to retitle it, fearing people would think a song called “Beck,” was about guitarist Jeff Beck.

Sadly for Criss, they chose to retitle it “Beth,” instead of “Lydia,” because the band members thought her name had too many syllables.

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