Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday Briefs

STRATHAM, N.H. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Young chocolate connoisseurs are very particular about how they eat hollow chocolate Santa Claus treats this holiday season. According to a sweet survey by Lindt & Sprungli chocolatiers, 52 percent of kids eat their chocolate Santas head first, while 26 percent prefer chomping on St. Nick’s feet first. Meanwhile, 19 percent bite into Santa’s belly first.

WASHINGTON – Christmas is more than three weeks away, but the Postal Service is already urging people to get a move on with sending out their holiday packages. The Postal Service expects to deliver about 20 billion letters, packages, and cards between now and Christmas and the deadline to get packages to troops in Iraq or Afghanistan is December 11. Domestic packages should be mailed by December 13, while first class packages have until December 18 to ship out. Priority mail should be sent out by December 20, which is also the busiest delivery day of the season.

PITTSBURGH – ‘Tis the season to be stealing for some thieves in Pittsburgh. They’ve just stolen a nativity scene from the yard of a family in the area. The Cushman family was inside their home decorating for Christmas when someone made their way into their brightly lit, gated yard and stole the statues of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. The family has been displaying the nativity scene on their yard for seven years without a problem and want the statues returned – no questions asked.
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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

DA QUEEN, Ark. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One robber in Da Queen, Arkansas, had some strings attached to him – literally. That’s because Morgan Conaster tried to steal a guitar from a shop by smuggling it in his pants and jacket before being caught by the store owner. Although the guitar made no noise, the owner noticed an extremely large bulge in Conaster’s leather jacket. When he was caught, Conaster removed a solid electric guitar from his pant leg and underneath his jacket. He returned the guitar to the store, but was still charged with theft when police discovered the man had stolen some sound equipment from the store as well.

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Police in Melbourne, Florida, are looking for a screwy suspect – a man spotted leaving a women’s restroom with a pocket full of screwdrivers. The man fled and jumped into the nearby Indian River and a police helicopter and K-9 search have turned up no traces of the man thus far. Police suspect the man may be dangerous.

QUINCY, Mass. – You may be getting carded the next time you want to eat pancakes at IHop. A man in Quincy, Massachusetts, is claiming he was ordered to fork over his ID prior to being seated for breakfast at a local IHop. John Russo was asked to turn over his driver’s license to an IHop security guard who had more than 40 IDs in his hand. The restaurant claims the procedure is done to ensure patrons won’t “dine and dash,” but the IHop Corporation said this particular IHop enacted this policy “...without the knowledge or approval of management.”

ST. LOUIS – A woman in St. Louis is getting a free camcorder from Sony after she found a saucy surprise in a camcorder box she purchased at a local electronics store. Melissa Rittenberg bought a $1,600 camcorder and when she opened the box she found a jar of pasta sauce, a telephone cord, and an electric outlet cover in place of where the camera equipment should have been. The store refused to give Rittenberg a replacement camera or a refund, but Sony is giving her a free camcorder for her troubles.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Leonardo DiCaprio is getting plaudits from his Blood Diamond costar Djimon Hounsou – for his lifesaving ability. Hounsou tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that when they were filming down in South Africa, a local pointed a gun at him. That’s when Leo stepped in and told the man with the gun: “You’re gonna have to go through me.” The man then made a hasty exit. DiCaprio denies the heroic effort and says, “All I remember is both of us helping each other out.”

HOLLYWOOD – Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t planning to adopt an African child like Madonna, but he is providing support to one young South African girl he met while filming his latest movie, Blood Diamond. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “I just became attached to this kid and then I saw what it means when people contribute money and time to help children who have nothing.”

HOLLYWOOD – Cameron Diaz is going brunette in real life. The normally blonde actress says she wants to, in her words, “present myself as myself rather than putting the blondness out there, which never feels like me.”

HOLLYWOOD – Jude Law has a lothario rep but he hopes his role as a widower with two young daughters in The Holiday demonstrates his parental side. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “You [see] a Daddy side of me that I’ve been busy rehearsing in real life for 10 years.”

HOLLYWOOD – Las Vegas star Josh DuHamel thinks his new big screen horror flick, Turistas, is a surefire hit: blood, gore and sex. During one scene, DuHamel drags a bleeding child up a rock while his costar’s rear end right in his face. DuHamel’s verdict: “This is the perfect horror film; ass and bloody heads all in the same shot.”

HOLLYWOOD – Wilmer Valderrama learned a valuable lesson while filming his new comedy, Unaccompanied Minors. During one scene, his kiddie costars started throwing candy at him and, as he tells Jeanne Wolf, “I never knew how much a bag of M&Ms can hurt; especially if it hits you in a place I can’t mention.”

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