Friday, August 4, 2006

Teen Pop Diva Not Missing In Campaign To Promote Milk

VENTURA, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Most people would dread having their picture on the side of a milk carton, but one teen pop diva is doing it to milk some publicity.

This fall, Britney Christian will be spearheading an unusual campaign called “Milk Rocks,” that will promote milk in elementary, middle and high schools and also include her photo, name and website information on the sides of milk cartons and posters across the United States.

Christian has even co-written a jingle “that makes milk cool in a way that helps unite everyone in school, even the outcasts.”

Although Christian admits she’s getting teased about being missing or abducted, she’s “not really worried about that, because the graphics are so slick and professional, you can tell it’s not a missing kid.”

The teen singer-songwriter says she was more worried about leaving out her 7 year-old brother, Holden, who is lactose intolerant and, as she puts it: “He wanted me to change it to, ‘Soy Milk Rocks!”’

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