Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Gibson’s Drunken Diatribe Makes Life Hell For Australian Jew

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Mel Gibson’s recent drunken diatribe against Jews is having a negative effect on the social life of an Australian Jew who lives in Los Angeles.

Luke Ford, an entertainment journalist and convert to orthodox Judaism, admits that ever since word of Gibson’s anti- Semitic comments leaked out, he’s had to deal with friends telling him that “all Aussies are ignorant ex- convicts.”

It doesn’t help Ford that Gibson’s comments aren’t a one-time thing. He says he has friends who worked on Braveheart who tell him that the director went off a tirade against the Jews while on set.

Despite the furor over Gibson’s comments, Ford doubts that it will affect the actor’s standing in Hollywood because, as he puts it, “Most Jews in Hollywood are not at all religious and tend to worship the God of money rather than the one in The Bible.”

Although Ford is having to shoulder abuse because of the antics of his fellow Aussie, he has nothing to say to the actor.

In his words, “What do you say to an alcoholic who falls off the wagon?? You really can’t until they choose to help themselves.”

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