Friday, May 12, 2006

Lindsey Lohan At Risk For Jail Time

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Lindsey Lohan’s newest movie, Just My Luck, opens today (May 12) but if she doesn’t start acting better in real life, she’ll spend more time behind bars than in front of the camera.

That’s the dire warning from Ethlie Ann Vare, a TV writer for shows like CSI, who also has prison experience.

Vare says that Lohan may be the poster girl for the current “Bad Girls Gone Wild” trend but suggests the redheaded actress take immediate steps to avoid going down the Robert Downey, Jr. route.

As she puts it, “The first thing she should do is eat – cocaine and heroin are not good diet drugs and no one can make good decisions” while taking drugs or drinking.

Since Lohan likes catfights, Vare want her to know there is plenty of girl-on-girl violence behind bars but, luckily, “There’s not a lot of butt rapists with the women.”

Vare adds that women’s prison fights are “mostly about drugs and jealousy,” and if Lohan wants to stay outta the pen, she should know that “80 percent of people in prison committed their crimes under the influence of alcohol.”

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