Thursday, April 20, 2006

Green Day Owes Ernie From ‘Sesame Street’

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Green Day has made no secret of its love of punk rock pioneers like the Ramones but the group also owes a big debt to Sesame Street.

According to a new book, Green Day: American Idiots And The New Punk Explosion (Disinformation), the band started out as “Sweet Children” but changed its name in 1990 to Green Day after hearing Sesame Street muppet Ernie say, “It’s a green day” on the show.

The phrase struck a chord with band members who used it to describe the many hours they spent getting stoned with friends.

Green Day even tried to honor the muppet who started it all by including a picture of an Ernie doll in a mosh pit on the back cover of Dookie – their breakthrough 1994 album.

However, the photos were omitted after talk of a lawsuit.

Despite the band’s fondness of Ernie, so far, Green Day has yet to record “Rubber Duckie” and, so far, hasn’t appeared on the show.

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