Thursday, April 13, 2006

Breast Implants Deductible – But Only If You Show Them In Public

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s some titillating news: Breast implants are tax deductible but only if you show them in public.

That news flash comes courtesy of H&R Block spokeswoman Maggie Damon, who says one professional dancer was able to deduct her new boobs from her tax return as a legitimate business expense.

That’s not the only bizarre tax deduction that might be available.

Damon says one family was able to deduct their son’s clarinet lessons as a medical expense because it supposedly helped his overbite; and a professional bodybuilder was able to take off the cash he spent on “posing oil” for his competitions.

She says many of these accepted deductions serve as precedent for other taxpayers but admits not every Internal Revenue Service agent sees things the same way so “your mileage may vary.”

For instance, the bodybuilder who was able to deduct his posing oil was unable to take off the cost of protein shakes and buffalo meat.

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