Thursday, April 6, 2006

TV Watch Group Wonders Why Anal Sex Is Okay On Oprah

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A TV advocacy group is wondering why the FCC gets behind Oprah Winfrey talking about anal sex but bans it on other shows.

TV Watch is a grass roots organization that supports viewer choice and spokesman Jim Dyke is worried about how “outraged special interests groups” are playing morality police with their complaint campaigns to the FCC “under the guise of protecting children.”

Dyke argues that the FCC’s decision to fine adult-themed shows like CSI or PBS documentaries – which usually air after 10 p.m. to avoid young audiences – but leave daytime talk shows alone is proof positive of their hypocrisy.

In his words, “The FCC says it’s OK to talk about anal sex on Oprah in the afternoon, but not [use adult language] on CSI. It makes no sense.”

He adds: “Parental controls, like the V-chip, are in place. Parents should control television viewing, not the government.”

TV Watch cites a recent study that shows “more people believe in alien abduction than want the Feds deciding what they see on television.”

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