Thursday, March 30, 2006

‘Magdalen’ Author Pushes Passion of Shameless Hussy

SALEM, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A novelist and interfaith priestess in Salem, Massachusetts, has no shame: She wants women to get in touch with their inner hussy.

Elizabeth Cunningham is currently hosting a series of workshops entitled “Shamelessness 101: Embracing the Brazen Hussy.”

Cunningham feels the term “hussy” gets a bad rap as “brazen” or “immoral” and wants to help women “get inside their bodies and inhabit it and not to disassociate from it.”

In her view, “misplaced guilt” about women’s bodies is paradoxically to blame for a “shame deficit” in popular culture and doesn’t blame any modern woman for equating sexual exploitation with power.

But she adds, “I’m certainly not judging anyone.”

Cunningham figures hussies are only going to hotter in the coming months thanks to the attention focused on original hussy Mary Magdalene in The DaVinci Code movie and her own original historical novel, The Passion of Mary Magdalen (sic) (Monkfish).

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