Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Monday (Apr. 3) Marks 1973rd Anniversary Of Jesus’ Crucifixion

WOBURN, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Maybe April 3 should be called “Good Monday” because a chemist in Woburn, Massachusetts, claims that’s the exact date when Jesus was crucified.

James Nollet has spent years analyzing the Julius Caesar calendar and matching it up with astronomical records in order to find a date when a full moon and Passover occurred on a Friday.

Now he’s pinpointed the exact date as April 3, 33 AD, at about 1:48 p.m. Jerusalem time and put the results in a self- published book called A Scientific Determination Of The Exact Time And Date Of The Death Of Jesus Of Nazareth (Nollet).

Nollet was hoping biblical scholars would be singing “Hallelujah” at his religious research but instead they’ve been quite cross.

In fact, he was practically crucified by Christian book conventioneers because of his theory that Judas was simply acting as Jesus’ agent.

Despite the lack of sales, Nollet believes his book will one day find an audience, and figures the reason why his book isn’t being praised is “simply because of circumstances.”

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