Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Travel Guide Identifies The Weirder Side Of California

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – California is often called “the land of fruits, nuts and flakes” and a new book seems to prove it.

It’s called Weird California (Sterling) and it uncovers the stranger side of the Golden State including oddball architecture like a house outside of Yermo built out of glass bottles to the urban legend of La Llorona – the ghost of a woman with a horse’s head who steals the souls of children near O’Neill Regional Park in Orange County.

Bishop says “weird is relative,” adding that he thinks some people from other states are “fruits and nuts.”

But one thing he can’t explain is the supernatural site in San Diego called the Whaley House, which is considered “the most Haunted House in California” according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

Workers and visitors of the historical landmark claim laughter and cigar smoke materialize out of thin air. It could be because it was the site of several hangings of local criminals in the mid-1800s.

But in Bishop’s opinion, the most unusual naturally occurring events is in the dry lake beds of Death Valley where rocks the size of suitcases seemingly move miles by themselves.

As he explains, their path leaves a trail, but there are no sign of how they moved.

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