Friday, March 10, 2006

Nepal Trekking Helps Inventor Clean Up

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Necessity is the mother of most inventions, but for an inventive man in Austin, it was Nepal.

Patent lawyer John Lynn was inspired to create a new type of soap dispenser while trekking with his Dad through the Himalayas, where he saw how meticulously the locals washed their hands.

He figured a product that would soil the hands of potty-goers with a small ink mark would force them to wash up well when they were finished.

Lynn admits his first ideas of using ink-filled toilet flushers and door knobs was a real mess, so he decided to make a soap dispenser that pre-inks the hands of kids before they do their business so they’re forced to scrub extra hard to remove the ink spot.

Currently, Lynn is marketing his idea as “SquidSoap,” and has been thrilled by the response, including the comment from a daycare center employee who reported that the kids are now finding excuses to wash their hands.

Now he hopes to create a similar product for restaurant and hospital employees but admits he probably won’t put a cute little squid on the package.

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