Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Changes In Ice Cream Laws Could Allow Manufacturers To Fudge Their Products

WILLSBORO, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – We could all be screaming for ice cream made from water buffalo milk if the Food and Drug Administration rewrites the federal Standards of Identity for ice cream.

According to Howard Waxman, editor of the trade newsletter Ice Cream Reporter, some industry insiders are chilled to their bones that lobbyists are proposing changes that would allow milk from other animals besides cows to be used without being listed on the ingredients label.

This means consumers could be lapping up ice cream made from water buffalo and yak milk imported from India.

Waxman says the mentality of the manufacturers is: “Trust me. We’ll make the ice cream just as good,” but Waxman questions why they want to change the regulation if they plan to make it just as good.

This isn’t the first time the industry has gone down this rocky road. Waxman says in the 1950s, quality was on a sharp decline until Haagen-Dazs creamed the competition with its high- quality brand and forced the rest of the ice cream industry to follow their lead.

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