Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Actress Goes From ‘E.R.’ To ‘Band Camp’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The NBC drama, ER, isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs – except when the cameras aren’t running.

Actress Lily Mariye – who has played Nurse Lily Jarvick since the first season – says ER actors who are normally serious on camera make all sorts of jokes “in order to relieve the tension of what’s going on.”

Surprisingly, the opposite happens when you’re filming a comedy, such as the upcoming American Pie sequel: American Pie: Band Camp.

Mariye plays a music professor in the film, which also features Pie regular Eugene Levy, and, as she puts it, “I think people are serious when filming comedy because it takes concentration to getting the beats right so the lines are funny.”

At one point, Mariye tried to lighten the mood by telling Levy that her brother was also named “Eugene” but he replied with a straight face: “Oh, that’s too bad. Eugene’s not a good name for a kid.”

Despite the seriousness, Mariye says the film turned out hilarious and the public will get a chance to decide for itself when American Pie: Band Camp hits DVD shelves on Dec. 26.

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