Friday, November 18, 2005

Doc Says Holiday Weight Gain No Surprise

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Dallas doc says people need to get wise about how to beat holiday weight gain.

Dr. Eileen Silva – a specialist in Natural Health and author of A Healthier You! (Insight Publishing) – thinks people should be aware of the little mistakes they make around the holidays that cause them to pack on the pounds.

Silva feels people don’t get enough zzz’s over the holidays, and says if they’d devote more time to sleeping, they’d spend less time “looking for food to perk them up.”

She says during festive times, people also substitute water with things like egg nog, punch, or worse, alcohol, and that everyone should “up their water intake to two quarts, no matter what else they’re drinking,” which curbs the appetite and cleanses the body.

And speaking of cleansing, Dr. Silva thinks colon cleansing is a great holiday detox activity because she says colons contain anywhere from “seven to 15 pounds of debris at any time.”

If you have a little more because of holiday binges, you shouldn’t feel bad because, she notes, “Elvis supposedly had 63 pounds of garbage in him.”

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